Multiplier Events

At the time being, the “Arguments Against Aggression” materials are developed. Until July 2020 several resources will be available:

• a catalogue of the most common prejudices and possible answers and communication strategies that can increase the effectiveness of the  counter-arguments;

• compiled user-oriented guide and training resources containing argumentation tools and strategies against various kinds of prejudice against refugees and migrants, political extremism, sexual orientation;

• networking and exchange of experience through the implementation of an e-platform for the access to all contents and training materials;

• immediate access to answers and communication strategies through mobile applications for smartphones.

In summer 2020 our so-called “Multiplier Events” will start in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Greece and Spain. During these events, the developed material will be presented and interested persons will get an opportunity to test and evaluate them.

If you are interested to join these events, please register for our newsletter to be informed as soon as the dates are available on the national level.