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At the end of the year 2020, all the Arguments Against Aggression (AAA) training material was available online. The events in Washington on 6 January 2021 have shown how important initiatives like Arguments Against Aggression are to counter hate speech and disrespect for opinions, people, and property. All developed materials against hate speech are ready for free download in English, German, Slovak, Slovenian, Greek, Dutch, and Spanish.

“Arguments Against Aggression” sets a sign against hate speech and aggression. Experts from seven European countries developed a training program for people working in public functions. This will enable them to deal with hate speech and aggressive communication.

The newly developed training material aims to train citizens’ communication and argumentation skills that they can use in real interactions, telephone contact, and social media when confronted with aggressive, racist, or xenophobic messages and untruths. The aim is to objectify unproductive aggression and transform it into productive communication that should end with understanding the views and preconditions of the other. The training builds skills and motivation to deal with disrespectful, degrading, and insulting behavior.

The user-oriented training material offers free access to the following instruments against hate speech:

  • a ‘catalogue‘ of the most common prejudices and possible counter-arguments in order to provide quick and well-founded factual arguments;
  • training resources like a Guide, information on more than 30 initiatives and more than 30 exercises for self-learning or training courses of professional trainers against different types of prejudices, e.g. in the context of migration, political extremism or sexual orientation;
  • a digital learning platform and an app with access to all material.

Arguments Against Aggression is aimed at people who work in public functions, e.g. employees in public institutions who have direct contact with citizens, teachers, youth workers, professionals in cultural institutions or those working in public media. Also addressed are people who work, for example, in refugee and migrant organisations, in citizens’ initiatives, or in organisations against racism. These groups are important multipliers in adult education and the teaching of civil rights and civil obligations.

The AAA training materials helps these groups to deal better with hate speech and aggressive situations in personal contact, in e-mail communication, and in social media. This includes communication techniques as well as information on when a crime has been committed. We are not at the mercy of hate speech and aggression. With the training program, interested ones can acquire abilities, in order to strengthen self-esteem, empathy opposite dissident thinking and the solution-oriented handling with hate speech and aggression.  Thus racism and xenophobia and the spreading of hate speech and aggressive communication can be stepped against.


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