The Netherlands – Outstanding Interest in the AAA Multiplier Events

“We knew that we were addressing an important topic with our events, but the high number of interested people surprised us ourselves,” says Ruben van der Weijden, national team leader in AAA project from Hogeschool Utrecht. Overall 149 persons participated in three events in December 2020  and January 2021 in order to discuss strategies against hate speech and to get familiar with the AAA training material. Ruben van der Weijden and his colleague Paula Borsbom were particularly pleased that Ingrid van Engelshoven, Minister of Education, Culture and Science, accepted their invitation to open the event on 14 January 2021 with a welcoming speech.

Impressions from the event:


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Press release on the event in December 2020

Press release on the event in January 2021


Picture credits: (C)Hogeschool


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