The general objective of Arguments Against Aggression project is to equip citizens with communication and argumentation skills that they can use in social media sites or real-life interactions whenever they are confronted with aggressive, racist or xenophobic messages, inequalities and gender violence. In this way, they will be able to transform unproductive shouting matches or passive-aggressive avoidance into actually productive conversations that should end with participants having a clearer understanding of each other’s views, and build skills and motivation to take action against injustice.

The partnership comprises a multidisciplinary team of seven European partners, which represents the target groups and expertise needed for training development. This initiative is supported by the European ERASMUS+ funding scheme 2018 – 2021.

Video about the AAA-project

Our Spanish colleagues Concha Barchero und Alejandro Alvarado, both professors for Audiovisual Communication at University of Málaga, have produced an inspiring video about the project Arguments Against Aggression – have a look!